Demo Day

FinTech Sandbox celebrates our anniversary with a look at some of our most innovative residents.

Where: Fidelity Investments | 245 Summer Street, Boston, MA
When: Thursday, March 24, 2016 | 3:00pm to 7:00pm

This event recognizes the great work of residents participating in our innovative program that provides FinTech startups with free access to critical data and resources. Several of our FinTech startups will proudly showcase their solutions.

Cognism is a web-based productivity suite for financial professionals that dissects financial research and news into unique knowledge blocks.
EverSafe is a financial safety net for seniors and their families. EverSafe protects older adults from fraud, identity theft and unscrupulous telemarketers.
Scaling ultra high net worth investment advice to the mass affluent.
Kyper's data marketplace and logistics technology power the entire lifecycle of data, from data on-boarding to research and product development.
Nutonian offers an application that empowers SAS and MATLAB professionals to automatically discover analytical models via sophisticated evolutionary algorithms.
Trigger helps you manage your portfolio by simplifying your investment ideas. We make it easy to execute and share your views via an IF THIS THEN THAT statement, called a Trigger. Use your linked brokerage account to get real-time alerts on the events you are about and place orders immediately after your trigger has fired.
Volos Portfolio Solutions
Volos builds software that helps differentiate skilled managers by providing their clients with the best tools for structuring and analyzing exotic derivative trades.
Open Invest Co.
Open Invest provides openness in investment management, open refinement of strategies for wealth management and capital preservation, along with an ease of management of systematically described strategies.
Elsen offers a High Performance Computing (HPC) platform for hedge funds.
AlphaPack Provides personalized and cost-effective investment solutions. Designed to be the next generation of robo-advisor.
AlphaStreet is a complete social ecosystem that significantly reduces the complexity and friction in making investment decisions.
Prophis Technologies
Prophis' award winning technology empowers financial firms to derive greater value and deeper insights from their wealth of internal and external data.
Data Simply
Data Simply turns company SEC filing into signals by machine-reading them like a financial analyst.
MassMutual Ventures
S & P Global