100th Startup Gala

101 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110

What a ride!  When we launched FinTech Sandbox, we set out to solve one specific problem 
for FinTech entrepreneurs – fast, free access to financial data along with the expertise to use it.
Well 2.5 years later, we have helped nearly 100 FinTech startups and brought together 
thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and investors with a shared mission of building 
great financial products. 

These startups have brought more than 100 solutions to market crossing sectors of 
institutional investment, financial research, banking infrastructure, lending 
and business tools and more. They have raised over $380M and have created hundreds of 
jobs for the community.

Thank you for joining this community. Thank you for making this a community.

To date, we have been generously supported by our institutional sponsors and data partners, 
but today, we ask for your financial support.

As a 501(c)(3), we are launching our first ever individual gift program and we invite to you 
be a part this dedicated fellowship. David Jegen, Sarah Biller, Sean Belka, Dinesh Chheda, 
Jack Klinck, Bob Bishop, and Mona Vernon have come together to contribute $50,000 of 
a $100,000 campaign goal for 2017.

Please join us in our quest to show the power of the community to support one of the leading 
nonprofit institutions supporting FinTech entrepreneurs. 

We believe deeply in our mission and the ability to catalyze the growth of the next 100 FinTech 
startups who will be the change makers and enablers of better financial services. We hope 
you will join us with a supporting gift and look forward to celebrating with you the 
announcement of the 100th startup to join FinTech Sandbox.

Our 100th startup celebration will be held in Boston on January 24th
For those who give $200 or more by the end of the year, we will extend an invitation to this 
great event.

Funding Level Asks:
$1,000       Data Analyst
$2,500       Data Wrangler
$5,000       Data Scientist
$10,000     Data Czar

Additional details about how to be involved in the event and to give, can be found on our site here