Bitcoin, Blockchain, & Crypto 101-C: Understanding and Holding Cryptoassets

Workbar - Cambridge Coworking Space

Welcome and I'm glad you found your way here! This class is capped at 20 students. It will last for 4 hours plus a 30 minute lunch break with pizza and salad provided.
The world of cryptocurrencies is incredibly exciting. It can also be intimidating and complicated. My job is to provide you with a necessary and enjoyable foundation. We'll dive into the historical, technological, global, and economic factors that influence the world of cryptocurrencies. After that, we'll explore the culture, case studies, available resources, platforms, and how to intelligently buy, trade, and manage cryptoassets.

I can honestly recommend this class to anyone who meets one of the following descriptions:

a.) I'm interested in this Bitcoin stuff and I'm considering investing. Before doing so, I would like to develop a deeper understanding and learn about the available resources, tools, and platforms.
b.) I have a solid grasp on Bitcoin or Ethereum. I want to deepen my understanding and learn about other blockchain projects and ways to acquire or trade tokens.
c.) I probably won't invest but I'm curious about this fascinating space. It sounds like a cool Saturday!

Please do not take this course or invest any "real" money unless you are willing to spend time and energy on independent research. I am not a financial professional. I am not a quant or a professional trader. I am not an oracle. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to fail and you could lose your assets. You could lose your assets if you mismanage security or if you’re unlucky. Never invest more that you are willing to lose. Never trust me. Do your own research.

Class summary:
A Brief History of Cryptoassets - Bitcoin, Blockchain Projects, and Cryptocurrencies
A Semi-Painless Dive Into the Technology
Culture, Jargon, Roots, Other Fun Stuff
Big Picture Economics and the Status Of Cryptocurrencies Around the World
The Current Status in the US and the SEC
Alt Coins, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Due Diligence, and Case Studies
Risks – What Could Go Wrong?
Resources – What Can Help Me?
How to Buy – Convert Your Dollars
How to Trade – Exchanges Are Fun
How to Hold – All the Types of Wallets
Questions and Discussion


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