The Bitcoin Revolution. What is Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain?

Red DWG Library, 413 Central Ave Suite 300, Pawtucket, RI 02861, USA

The Rhode Island Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RICBA) is holding our first networking event this January 17th. This will be a panel style discussion and with key experts from the financial world as well as startups who are building applications and advising across the blockchain. We'll be discussing different views on how the blockchain will not only affect our financial world but how it can be applied to different industries.

Our panelist will continue to grow. So far, we will be joined by:

Nicholas Napp -

Nicholas Napp is an experienced technology executive with 40+ products brought to market including enterprise/B2B and B2C applications. 20+ apps for iOS and Android. Extensive history in VR and AR (dating back to 1992 and 2008 respectively). Increasingly active in a diverse range of Blockchain related applications.

Dave Aiello -

Dave is currently serving as the managing director at Token Labs. They develop digital currency payment services for web and mobile, focused on allowing consumers and merchants to conduct peer-to-peer payments using digital currency.

John Hargrave -

John is the publisher of the investment website Bitcoin Market Journal ( ( Their mission is to make the world of New Finance accessible to ordinary investors. From bitcoin to digital currencies to ICOs, their team of analysts provides plain-English explanations and expert recommendations. John has a wealth of knowledge and we couldn’t be happier to have him join the conversation.

Our agenda will evolve as we get closer to the event but we'll be covering a few topics centered around:

• What are bitcoins and the blockchain, and how was it created? Where do I go to invest in cryptocurrencies? What are ETH and DApps? What are your thoughts on Alt Coins?

• What is an ICO and what should be my strategy be for investing in ICOs? What is your advice for folks planning to launch an ICO? How can you stay compliant with the SCC? What's required?

• Let's talk about the blockchain and what industries it will help improve like identity, real estate, healthcare, etc... outside of generaly exchanging funds.

We are working to attract more speakers so if you have an interest in taking part in our panel discussion, please email me directly at [masked].

Looking forward to meeting you Jan. 17th...


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