E3 Conference Boston

Harvard University Knafel Center Cambridge, MA 02138

The Global Situation Room presents a unique event in Boston, MA: The Entrepreneurship Export Exchange (E3). At the event, you can connect directly with foreign trade representatives from 20+ counties and hear from entrepreneurs companies who are successfully doing business in the global marketplace. 


Small businesses and entrepreneurs can internationalize more easily now that at any time in history. Yet, many companies continue to sit out exploring new markets. Complexity and lack of credible contacts are among the principal reasons for the reluctance to scale globally. Regulations are especially burdensome for smaller firms. E3 is enabling entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to connect with international markets. E3 events are expressly designed to provide businesses with an intimate, in-depth opportunity to engage with US and foreign trade officials. Unlike large trade expos, E3 will offer smaller firms with the chance to spend more time, get specific answers to their questions, and personally meet the right contacts to pave the way.

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