Initial Coin Offerings: The Rise of Crypto Capitalism

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Q: How does a blockchain startup raise more than $257 million in about a month of activity?

 A: Initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales.

According to Autonomous Research, “Over $1.2 billion in Cryptocurrency was raised through Initial Coin Offerings (“ICOs”) in the first half of 2017, far outstripping venture capital investment into Blockchain and Bitcoin firms.”

ICO’s are no longer another over-hyped acronym. The market is being compared to the internet bubble of the late 90’s – a heady time for sure. ICOs have largely gone unregulated, but just this July, the SEC issued a report of investigation that determined that ICO tokens may be securities and therefore should comply with existing laws, “regardless of whether those securities are purchased with virtual currencies or distributed with blockchain technology.”

Things are moving quickly in this space so to make sense of what’s happening now and the possibilities for the future, we’re teaming up with the Government Blockchain Association of Boston to break it all down.

Whether you’re curious about, or embedded in, the world of ICO’s – we hope you will join us to learn more and network with some of the key constituents in this hot market.


Christian Catalini, Assistant Professor, MIT Sloan & Principal investigator,  MIT Digital Currencies Research Study
David Cotney, Board Member, Cross River Bank & Former MA Commissioner of Banks
Kavita Gupta, Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys
Chetan Manikantan, Founder & CEO, Tengu
David Vorick, Co-Founder, Sia

Woody Benson, Venture Partner, LaunchCapital Partners

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