Meetup - Fintech Panel | A Discussion on Innovation in Banking

Brain Station - 460 King St. West, Toronto, ON

It’s a well known fact that today’s digital landscape is forcing traditional businesses to pivot in order to stay relevant and integrate into the everyday habits of both individuals and businesses.

This is particularly evident in banking, where we are seeing a shift in the way that we interact with currency, from saving to borrowing to investing. Consequently, more and more fintech startups are emerging to fill consumer needs, which is changing the financial industry and encouraging traditional banks to innovate.

Join expert panelists to discuss the rise of fintech, the integration of new and innovative technologies within financial services, and the future of digital finance. Past panelists include Dan Dickinson, Chief Digital Officer of EQ Bank, Peter Poon, lead of Digital Innovation and Channel Strategy at BMO, Kevin Stewart Vice President of Digital Enablement at Scotiabank’s Digital Factory, and Phil Gene, lead of Experience Design and Emerging Payments at President’s Choice Financial.

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