NYU Stern FinTech Conference 2017

NYU Stern Paulson Auditorium - 40 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012

NYU Stern School of Business, known for its academic strength in finance and data science, is expanding its MBA curriculum to prepare students for future jobs in FinTech as the finance industry faces one of the most significant disruptions in its history. We launched the first FinTech MBA in 2016. As these innovations are affecting both NYU's community as well as the global economy, our second annual FinTech conference will address how the expansion of technological services will challenge our pre-existing ideas about how financial institutions should operate and how regulation has the potential to accelerate this process. The day will include:

Faculty presentations on the implications of automation in financial services

Keynote speakers Matt Harris, of Bain Ventures, Timothy Flacke of Commonwealth, and Scott Mullins of Amazon

Leading regulators discussing how FinTech regulations shape FinTech globally

Panels and FinTech product demos stacked with top FinTech business leaders

Top FinTech investors like Broadhaven

Breakout lunch sessions ("brain dates") with leading FinTech startups, including TruMid, Chain, Cadre, and Evolute and others

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