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Journey of a Fintech Startup

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Use of data. You will have free access to the data for six months, so long as you do not use it in revenue-generating production environments. We expect you to articulate a clear use case for the data that you require and reach meaningful milestones within your six month residency. We may also be able to arrange new data relationships after you’ve entered the program on a case-by-case basis. At the end of the six month period, you may be able to negotiate with the data providers for longer, discounted access. We too wish the data were free forever, but our goal is to help you build a product faster or test it more robustly at a critical time in your development.

Who may apply. FinTech Sandbox is open to all startups in the Financial Services and FinTech sectors that can use the data for product development and testing. Businesses should be physically located in one of the six locations that we currently serve: London, Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Canada. The spirit of the program is to offer data to start-ups that could not otherwise afford it, but we welcome businesses at different stages of development -- revenue or venture funding does not make you ineligible. Just make sure to tell us your story and make a clear use case of how your company will use the data when you apply, and we will take that into consideration during the application and review process.

Start-ups in an accelerator.We are not an accelerator and we are happy to help you with data and infrastructure even if you are in an accelerator. We have partnered with some accelerators to pre-qualify startups, though you still need to complete our application.See our current list.

The Ask

We do not charge for the data and infrastructure that we provide. We do not ask for equity in startups. We simply ask entrepreneurs to give back in-kind to the FinTech community. It can be slow and challenging the first time a developer works with a new financial data set or feed, but it should not be the second time. We ask Sandbox startups to share their learning with each other; provide product feedback to data providers; serve as Beta testers and mentors to their fellow applicants, when applicable; and contribute non-proprietary code or data mapping schemas to our GitHub repository. Together we can make an enduring contribution to the FinTech community.

The Process

Step 1: You will be asked to complete an application that tells us about your company, management and development teams, level of funding, the data you seek, and how you will use the data. You should be as detailed as possible about the specific Data Partners and data sets that you’d like to work with. The application will probably take you 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Step 2: We will review your application and speak with you 1:1 to gain a better understanding about your company if your application meets our criteria. Companies who meet these benchmarks will then be invited to a second remote interview where you’ll be asked to demonstrate an alpha product and engage in a Q&A with some of our key stakeholders and engage.

We extend access to our program on a rolling basis and you can expect a response within two weeks and access to data generally within 30 days of applying. Some data providers may limit the number of concurrent users they provide access to, but we would let you know about this and estimate when you could gain access.

Step 3:You will be asked to sign a data licensing agreement directly with the data provider. We do not expect you to love reading licensing agreements, but we can say we have greatly simplified and accelerated the process!

Step 4: Start coding!

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