Intrinio provides access to a wealth of financial data through an API for the lowest cost in the world. 

We do not charge for redistribution.

We do not have seat licenses. Give access to any number of users for no additional cost.

Our automated solutions provide quality data and convenience, saving investors, developers and startups money and time.

Available products

Intrinio Financial Data Feed

The Intrinio Data Feed provides developers, startups and investors alike access to investment-grade financial data. Our automated and efficient approach to gathering and standardizing financial data enables us to provide high quality data at disruptively low prices.

Through the data feed you can access:


  • Basic Company Information
  • Historical Stock Price Data
  • Last Stock Price Data
  • As-Reported Fundamentals Data
  • Standardized Fundamentals Data
  • Sales, Growth & Earnings Estimates
  • Hundreds of Metrics and Ratios
  • Historical Time Series Data
  • Valuations Ratios
  • Pricing Data for 16 Indices
  • 200,000 Economic Data Series
  • Company News

Don’t waste your time building your products with expensive integrations. After your 6-month, 100,000 calls/day free trial, we are still by far the least expensive data provider. Paid plans start at just $10/month and you can set your tier and price for however many calls you need. We’re a startup too, so we bring flexibility, agility and innovation to the table. We’ll work with you to help make your integration a success and your product and even bigger one. Let’s grow together.