OpenFin is the leading provider of HTML5 runtime technology for the financial industry.  The world’s largest banks and trading platforms use OpenFin to run high-performance, multi-window HTML5 applications on financial desktops.  The company’s patent-pending software is based on Google’s Chromium open-source project and purpose-built to meet the security and performance needs of the financial industry.

Founded in 2010, OpenFin is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and senior executives from the financial industry.  The company is a graduate of the First Growth Venture Network, a New York based accelerator, and the FinTech Innovation Lab, an annual program run by the Partnership Fund for New York City and Accenture for early and growth stage companies that have developed cutting edge technology products targeted at financial services customers.

Available products

OpenFin Runtime

OpenFin Runtime enables developers to run HTML5 desktop applications with native performance and experience.

Extend with native experience

Use the OpenFin JavaScript API to replicate the user experience of native desktop applications written in WPF, Java or C++. This includes frameless windows, window transparency, hardware-accelerated window animations, window snapping, programmatic control of z-order and focus, “bring-to-front”, “always-on-top”, push notifications, save window positioning and off-screen window detection.

Integrate with thick client applications

Use OpenFin native language adapters to enable interoperability between HTML5 applications and thick client applications written in Java, C#, C++ (including Microsoft Excel). Interoperability facilitates (1) data and context sharing between HTML5 and native applications and (2) immersive visual integration between a native application and HTML5 components.

Deploy seamlessly to internal and external desktops

Use light-weight OpenFin installers to deploy your application seamlessly to locked down financial desktops both internally within your firm and externally to customers.  The OpenFin installer installs your icon on the desktop and in the start menu and automatically downloads the version of OpenFin that your application is targeting.  No admin rights required and no dependencies on any desktop browser.

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Hypergrid is a grid component that supports unlimited data set sizes while maintaining constant, ultra-high performance.  The control is a Google polymer web component built using traditional graphics programming techniques.

There are two broad use cases that Hypergrid addresses:

  1. Big Data: An enormous amount of data (1 million to 1 quadrillion+ rows) that does not update frequently
  2. Dynamic Data: A smaller amount of data (~10,000 rows) that updates with very high frequency (~1,000 times per second)

To meet financial industry requirements, Hypergrid supports these basic requirements and, in addition, allows for:

  • - Smooth scrolling
  • - No deferred painting
  • - Hundreds of columns
  • - Sorting and grouping
  • - Excel-style keyboard control
  • - Remote data sets
  • - Rich, HTML-based, editors
  • - Real-time, live-ticking spark lines on every row


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