Data & Analytics

Connect, organize and enrich data 

By connecting the entities to our unifying data source and assigning a D-U- N-S Number, you’ll have a unified view of entities and their legal relationships. Now, what may have appeared to be disparate records are reconciled under a connected family tree, enabling you to understand relationships that were previously hidden. This is the foundation for unlocking the potential of data, and you do it by collecting, organizing and enriching the data associated with your business enterprise.

Manage data across the enterprise

The more you connect and expose entities across your silos, the greater your visibility into the cross-company interactions with customers and suppliers. This can be a catalyst for business transformation and insights, as well as the foundation for any successful MDM deployment. Exposing relationships across product lines, branches and countries can let you evaluate sales coverage, modify compensation plans, renegotiate terms and conditions, adjust compliance policies, improve customer experiences, build advanced segmentation categories and manage supply chain risk.

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Collaborate to address your company’s growth priorities and deliver value across the enterprise, in:

 Sales – discover and expand new customer segments

 Marketing – identify high priority segments and effectively match products to customers

 Supply Chain – identify weaknesses and opportunities in your multi-tiered supply chain

 Finance – identify risks and opportunities through sophisticated portfolio management

 Compliance – identify and isolate ‘bad actors’ from the company’s portfolio