Hypergrid is a grid component that supports unlimited data set sizes while maintaining constant, ultra-high performance.  The control is a Google polymer web component built using traditional graphics programming techniques.

There are two broad use cases that Hypergrid addresses:

  1. Big Data: An enormous amount of data (1 million to 1 quadrillion+ rows) that does not update frequently
  2. Dynamic Data: A smaller amount of data (~10,000 rows) that updates with very high frequency (~1,000 times per second)

To meet financial industry requirements, Hypergrid supports these basic requirements and, in addition, allows for:

  • - Smooth scrolling
  • - No deferred painting
  • - Hundreds of columns
  • - Sorting and grouping
  • - Excel-style keyboard control
  • - Remote data sets
  • - Rich, HTML-based, editors
  • - Real-time, live-ticking spark lines on every row


For more information, visit https://github.com/openfin/fin-hypergrid