Our indices provide a transparent view of the fixed income market. By monitoring and adapting to industry changes, we ensure our products align with customers’ business and regulatory needs. Publicly available documentation provides transparency, including constituent details and index construction, calculation and rebalancing rules. Our data is available via end of day and intraday feeds, including the Markit website, automated feeds and through third party data providers.


Markit iBoxx fixed income indices are independent and based on multi-source pricing for improved accuracy. They are used for passive or active portfolio management, research, as well as underlying for ETFs and structured products. The indices cover major currencies and bond segments.


Markit delivers global credit default swap indices that cover loans as well as corporate, municipal and sovereign debt. The indices are composed of underlying credit default swaps and are tradable products that allow investors to establish long or short credit risk positions in specific credit markets or segments.

Securitised products

Our securitised product indices are synthetic, tradable index products that allow investors to gain exposure to securitised products through credit default swaps and total return swaps.