Reference Data

Consolidated access to our comprehensive content offerings across a diverse range of asset classes and geographies. A suite of flexible delivery Markit Reference Data supports the credit derivative, bond, equity, syndicated loan and legal entity data needs of the financial markets. Our broad range of data is specifically designed to facilitate securities trading, settlement, risk management and back-office functions, including accounting and client reporting.


Markit Reference Data confirms the relationship between a reference entity and a reference obligation, as well as corporate actions, CDS succession events and credit events. We also provide verified index and constituent information for credit indices, including updated weighting and index factors upon a credit event.


Markit Reference Data aggregates and validates detailed global bond information, including issuer details, currency, maturity, income and corporate actions. Our comprehensive offering helps improve operational efficiency and supports intraday decision-making and risk management processes.


The Loan Reference dataset includes realtime corporate actions and granular credit agreement details, such as covenant schedules, pricing grids and prepayment rules, for private and public loans. Using our data, market participants can quickly assess protection and cures that are offered in credit agreements and identify covenant-lite assets based on any custom definition.