Data Simply, Inc.

Sustainability (ESG) Information on Companies

The way people invest in companies is fundamentally changing. They want it to reflect their beliefs and values. Yet the information to make these decisions is typically stale, unhelpful, or not transparent. Data Simply powers this sustainable investing movement (Environmental, Social, Governance) with better data about companies, using machine intelligence. 

With industry asset growth of 135% in the past 4 years and more than $8.7 Trillion of sustainably invested assets (“ESG” or “SRI” investing) in the US alone, as well as recent environmental disasters on everyone's mind, it's time for better data and software to help fix the world. 

How it works: We use our proprietary semantic engine to analyze large volumes of words "unstructured data" in company SEC filings disclosures related to ESG, turning that into actionable signals, frequently (hourly updates) and at scale (more than 8,000 tickers). It lets people easily get beyond the numbers. We measure the sentiment and frequency for ESG and general financial disclosures based on a curated dictionary of keywords. We make this data and software available to professional investors, so they can provide it to their customers and use it in their analysis. We also make it available to corporations and brands for insights into their own organizations and competitors. 

In addition to APIs, we also provide an online application with the ability to track a portfolio and get alerts. 

Typical users of our data and application include asset managers, quant firms, research analysts, wealth advisors, and consumer financial services sites, as well as corporations, brands, and PR firms. 

Available products

Syrah API
The Syrah API includes data on a one day delay. See our site for other API options including more frequent data updates and our cloud application.