7 Chord, Inc. is a fintech start-up in NYC founded in 2016 that simply would not exist without FinTechSandbox. We are the makers of BondDroid TM, a proprietary predictive pricing and trend forecasting system for bond traders.

Available products


BondDroid TM is 7 Chord’s proprietary AI engine that predicts bid and ask levels for thousands of corporate bonds with the speed and precision impossible for a human to replicate. It uses a unique approach designed to predict prices with tradeable accuracy across market regimes. 
BondDroid TM is the only fully customizable predictive pricing system available as a software package as well as a subscription to a real-time feed. Market participants with informational advantage can use BondDroid TMto extract insights from their proprietary data without it ever leaving their corporate environment. BondDroid TMgenerated prices are also available as a delayed data feed. 

Institutional quality intraday bid and ask levels for US Corporate Bonds, generated using state-of-the art machine learning algorithm. BondDroid TM processes millions of data points in near real-time to generate highly accurate price history. We clean and normalize data so you don’t have to. All price history is back-tested against the actual executed levels, to make sure that all data points are as close as possible to the tradable levels on the corresponding side of the market.

Bids and Asks represent levels that a client can expect to be quoted by a dealer in a competitive market on an institutional odd-lot risk trade of $100K - $2mm. We are constantly expanding our universe, prioritizing individual bond issues based on their actual trading frequency.

Delivery Frequency: 7 Days a week

Files Published: 11:15 pm EST

Data Frequency: Intraday

Reporting Lag: End-of-Day on T

History: Back to January 2012

Coverage: 10,000+ US Corporate Bonds

Format: OAS (bp), Price ($), Spread-Over-Treasury (bp), Yield (%)

Market Side: Bid and Ask


Column Headers:

For each bond issue, there are 18 columns of data. A full list and description of column headers, as well as a data sample, is available upon request.