Associated Press

The Associated Press is the world’s largest geopolitical news service with over 1,500 reporters in 200 bureaus around the world. AP is proud to provide FinTech Sandbox companies access to AP’s agenda-setting, real-time geopolitical news feed, historic text archive and additional data sets. From predictive analytics to risk identification and early-warning, AP’s news and data can yield a rich layer of signal discovery. (

Available products

AP Geopolitical Newswire

AP staff around the world file hundreds of business & geopolitical news alerts and stories daily that inform and influence investors, analysts, consumers and regulators. The live feed is highly structured and features metadata such as subject values, tickers/markets, entities, geography, urgency and more fields and values. (

AP Low Latency Government Economic Data

AP delivers economic data from various US government entities such as the Fed, Treasury and Commerce departments. These data are delivered at high speed as measured in milli and nano seconds. Note: A cross connection to AP’s data rack in the NY2 datacenter is required. (