Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is a trusted source of business intelligence on public and private companies. We offer unique, premium data sets that meet the needs of enterprise data and compliance specialists, as well as trading and investment professionals. By delivering the most comprehensive databases, and accurate entity models, we enable firms to meet regulatory requirements while increasing efficiency and outperforming benchmarks. The reduced complexity from greater visibility into corporate hierarchies helps streamline operations, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership for corporate entity data. Dun & Bradstreet partners with some of the world’s leading market data aggregators. Dun & Bradstreet is headquartered in Short Hills, NJ with offices around the globe.


Dun & Bradstreet provides unique intelligence on public and private companies, empowering capital market participants to comply with regulations, increase operational efficiency and generate alpha. D&B will make these datasets available to members of FinTech Sandbox, for a limited time, on a case by case basis.

Available products

Credit & Risk

D&B Credit gives your team the indispensable data and tools to be smart, strategic growth drivers. With powerful segmentation capabilities and customized alerts, your entire team will be able to quickly zero in on what’s important for the business. Mine the world’s largest commercial database through an intuitive interface that puts industry-leading analytics and scores at your fingertips. Effectively monitor customer financial health and protect your business with customized daily alerts. Organize, monitor and report on your customer base with flexible tagging options that let you segment companies by the characteristics you value.

Data & Analytics

Connect, organize and enrich data 

By connecting the entities to our unifying data source and assigning a D-U- N-S Number, you’ll have a unified view of entities and their legal relationships. Now, what may have appeared to be disparate records are reconciled under a connected family tree, enabling you to understand relationships that were previously hidden. This is the foundation for unlocking the potential of data, and you do it by collecting, organizing and enriching the data associated with your business enterprise.

Manage data across the enterprise

The more you connect and expose entities across your silos, the greater your visibility into the cross-company interactions with customers and suppliers. This can be a catalyst for business transformation and insights, as well as the foundation for any successful MDM deployment. Exposing relationships across product lines, branches and countries can let you evaluate sales coverage, modify compensation plans, renegotiate terms and conditions, adjust compliance policies, improve customer experiences, build advanced segmentation categories and manage supply chain risk.

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Collaborate to address your company’s growth priorities and deliver value across the enterprise, in:

 Sales – discover and expand new customer segments

 Marketing – identify high priority segments and effectively match products to customers

 Supply Chain – identify weaknesses and opportunities in your multi-tiered supply chain

 Finance – identify risks and opportunities through sophisticated portfolio management

 Compliance – identify and isolate ‘bad actors’ from the company’s portfolio



The best way to be sure a business is who they say they are is to validate against a trusted third party source of content. Dun & Bradstreet’s global database provides deep identity insight on more than 250 million businesses and is relied on by more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies as well as the US government. D&B Onboard returns this robust firmographic operational and financial data content checks against OFAC and other compliance sources so you can verify the business and determine if it is accurately representing itself.


D&B Compliance is a complete and effective anti-corruption solution that protects a company’s equity and reputation. It helps businesses assess customers, suppliers and other third-party relationships to ensure ongoing global regulatory compliance in a world with a growing range of global anti-corruption regulations. It also includes local investigative services on third parties – worldwide – for those especially high-risk businesses that require additional research.

Supply Chain

D&B Supplier Risk Manager provides the information and tools you need to monitor supplier relationships and avoid costly disruptions. This is the only SaaS solution that provides risk conditions, business profiles, financial indicators, corporate linkage and competitive landscape on more than 250million global businesses.