At Equifax, we believe knowledge drives progress. As a global data, analytics, and technology company, we play an essential role in the global economy by helping financial institutions, companies, employers, and government agencies make critical decisions with greater confidence. Our unique blend of differentiated data, analytics, and cloud technology drives insights to power decisions to move people forward. Headquartered in Atlanta and supported by more than 14,000 employees worldwide, Equifax operates or has investments in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Equifax maintains an extensive suite of fully configurable, cloud-native data, including unique assets like household wealth and asset data, telco-cable and utility payment data, employment and income data, digital identity data, specialty finance tradeline data, and consumer consent data. The information on 32B interactions, 600M consumers, 81M business, 4.5B trade accounts, and 500M employee files offers valuable insights.  Whether you need to assess market conditions, find new customers, open more accounts, reduce default risk, mitigate fraud or improve customer experiences - better data fuels better decisions.


Equifax helps startups with products, environments and support services that promote innovation and accelerate the development of new applications. We believe that young startup companies deserve access to the same insights and resources that larger, more established companies enjoy.

Our FinTech Startup Kit includes some of the resources available from Equifax to give new business a boost. Approved FinTech startups within the FinTech Sandbox program get special trial access to products which can make a significant impact on your business, among other helpful resources.

Available capabilities

Equifax products, built on cloud-native data fabric and scalable global platforms, use unique data and advanced analytics to deliver capabilities that help our customers gain competitive advantage.



Available products


Finding and engaging the right customers requires powerful insights. Equifax helps customers understand household economics to target customers through the right channels, with offers that fit their needs and financial capacity. Using proprietary, direct-measured financial and behavioral data that provide a complete picture of consumers’ financial potential, behaviors, and preferences, you can deliver offers that are as personal as they are profitable.

For B2B marketing, Equifax maintains one of the largest collections of commercial hierarchy, contact, and firmographics data. B2bConnectTM from Equifax improves commercial match rates by more than 30% to accurately identify and target commercial businesses.

Credit Risk Management

91.5 million consumers have little to no access to credit due to lack of credit activity. Equifax supports financial inclusion by helping lenders expand access to credit within their defined risk profiles. Leveraging alternative data along with traditional credit files can provide deeper visibility into subprime and “invisible” consumers. More data helps reveal opportunities. When you layer in alternative credit and consumer-permissioned data, you get up to 21% more scorable consumers.

Verifications and Fraud Mitigation

Gain confidence and know that customers are who they say they are with data and insights that detect linkages and suspicious patterns and activity. Using these insights and customizable scoring, businesses can make critical decisions in real time when spotting potential fraudulent requests—often without increasing manual reviews or sacrificing customer satisfaction. Equifax helps simplify the application process, improve authentication and compliance checks, and verify identities with digital, real-time solutions to help detect and deter true name and synthetic identity fraud activity.

Our customers can gain instant access to  verifications of employment and income through The Work Number®. Get third-party verifications of employment and income provided directly from employers. Equifax is the market leader in income and employment verifications via the largest commercial repository of payroll information in the United States, with more than 144,000,000 active records and over 2.5 million employers contributing data each pay cycle.


Equifax offers a curated portfolio of proprietary data and analytics solutions through Equifax Ignite®, and other partner data management environments. Use the tools to build models and gain insights by combining your own data with third-party data from Equifax.

Equifax is also an industry leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning—including our patented NeuroDecision® Technology credit scoring methodology—as well as trended data and other advanced analytics capabilities.