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Available products

Intrinio Financial Data Feed

The Intrinio Data Feed provides developers, startups and investors alike access to investment-grade financial data. Our automated and efficient approach to gathering and standardizing financial data enables us to provide high quality data at disruptively low prices.


Through the data feed you can access:


Basic Company Information

Historical Stock Price Data

Last Stock Price Data

As-Reported Fundamentals Data

Standardized Fundamentals Data

Sales, Growth & Earnings Estimates

Hundreds of Metrics and Ratios

Historical Time Series Data

Valuations Ratios

Pricing Data for 16 Indices

200,000 Economic Data Series

Company News


Don’t waste your time building your products with expensive integrations. After your 6-month, 100,000 calls/day free trial, we are still by far the least expensive data provider, and you can set your tier and price for however many calls you need. We’re a startup too, so we bring flexibility, agility and innovation to the table. We’ll work with you to help make your integration a success and your product and even bigger one. Let’s grow together.


Real Time Data Feeds

In our ongoing effort to provide reliable and accessible financial data at an affordable price, we have added over 17 different real-time data feeds! These feeds are the most affordable on the market AND are available via WebSocket and REST API. We offer real-time prices for securities, options, indices, OTC, futures (including Bitcoin), and commodities.

Accessible Data

We think that financial data should be quick to integrate and easy to work with, which is why we're focused on providing developers with the tools they need to get started, right away. Nearly all of our 200+ data feeds are available via WebSocket and API.   



Market Data:

SEC Data:

Real-Time Streaming Cryptocurrency Data Now Available from Intrinio & Cryptoquote

The Data

In addition to level 1 real-time streaming data, a subscription also includes access to a coin logo API, and a historical REST API, which includes the following intervals:


Tick since January 2018

N-Minute bar data up to 4 years

Hourly bar data up to 4 years

Daily bar data since coin inception

The Exchanges

















Plus OTC Liquidity Pools

Real World Applications


Stream real-time level 1 and level 2 data into quoteboards or charts

Use historical data to back-fill charts with time-series bar database

Build content into websites or apps

Back-test trading strategies

Run trading strategies using real-time data

Convert cryptocurrencies to fiat or other assets  

Coming Soon: API V2!

Our API V2 is being built on the OpenAPI spec, this allows us to generate SDKs in 20 languages, without writing each from scratch, meaning more resources available, earlier, for our users! Furthermore, this enables our users to start leveraging our data in as little as two lines of code, versus writing thousands of lines to build their own integration with our API.