Move Fast. Break Nothing. Founded in 2010, OpenFin is the financial industry's operating system, enabling rapid and secure deployment, native experience and desktop interoperability. Used by the largest industry players through to the newest of FinTech innovators, OpenFin runs more than 1,000 applications at more than 1,500 banks and buy-side firms across 200,000 desktops in 60+ countries. OpenFin investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Barclays, DRW Venture Capital, NEX Euclid Opportunities, J.P. Morgan, NYCA Partners, Pivot Investment Partners and Wells Fargo among others.

Available products

The OpenFin OS

Imagine how efficient financial desktop users could be if they could manage their complex workspaces with ease, create and load different views for different tasks, and share information across applications that haven’t been designed to work together. OpenFin is making this world a reality. We work with the most forward-thinking banks, asset managers, and vendors, on the cutting edge of web technology, to create the future of contextually- aware financial desktop workflows.


OpenFin enables you to build multi-window desktop apps that look and feel just like native installed apps so you can maximize your desktop real estate. Your windows can sit anywhere on the desktop, with or without frames. Apps you don’t actively watch can be minimized and automatically popped up when needed. Legacy and Web apps share the same desktop side-by-side.
  • Build multi-window, multi-monitor web apps

  • Drop window frames to save space and customize look & feel
  • Tearout windows to show only the components you need
  • Let important windows stay “always-on-top”
  • Popup minimized windows on important events 


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OpenFin Desktop

You want an app store but don’t want the overhead of development and maintenance of a technology stack that is secondary to your business.
OpenFin Desktop provides a turnkey solution. Design, manage, brand, and curate your own app store. Allow users to add and remove apps with ease.
Control all aspects of application distribution and behavior.
Get the digital transformation your organization demands now, without the time and expense needed to build and maintain it.


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Layouts Desktop Service

OpenFin’s Layouts service is an opt-in desktop service that provides a complete window-management layer for the financial desktop. With Layouts, application developers take full advantage of monitor real estate, enabling their users to intuitively manage UI elements that work with the OpenFin runtime environment right out of the box. You give users the experience they want, and go to market in half the time. And the best part? Implementation takes little-to-no time for full functionality. Get started today, finish today -- that’s the Layouts way.

Snap and Dock

The financial desktop is a complicated work space that demands an optimal workflow. With Layouts, desktop users can snap multiple windows into a group, snap groups of windows to each other, and resize docked window groups together as a unit.

Window Tabbing

With Layouts, desktop users and application developers can create tabbed window layouts. Tabs can be reordered, renamed, minimized, maximized, and restored. All your tabs, neatly organized in one place.

Save and Restore

Now your users can pick up right where they left off. Layouts provides application developers with the ability to save user workspace data and restore that data at a later time.

Works with all your apps

Developers who manage multiple apps in the same environment can take advantage of the fact that OpenFin’s Layouts service maintains compatibility across all OpenFin applications. Layouts works seamlessly in a multi-runtime environment, with apps running in different OpenFin versions. This allows each application developer to control the upgrade cycle for each app individually. Never worry about rolling out new versions in a coordinated effort, Layouts has you covered.