Start-ups start here: Content and capabilities to innovate and identify opportunities

Refinitiv understands your need to get the content, data, and access to industry experts that will help you develop your products and grow your business. That’s why we’re providing you with tools you need to start your operation and foster its growth.

Unmatched depth and breadth of content for richer insights

Content is crucial for market insight. Refinitiv offers an unprecedented range of content capabilities that provide an accurate 360° picture of events, companies, industries, and markets to help you make more profitable decisions.

Refinitiv’ offerings stand apart from the crowd. The quality and relevance of the information empowers you to find new assets, venues, markets, and opportunities—ahead of your competitors. With Refinitiv, you gain access to information that’s reliable, current, and customized to your workflow, accessible anywhere, from any device.

Rely on Refinitiv for All Your Data Needs


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Send Data Directly To Your Applications

We provide low-latency, consolidated access to our comprehensive content offerings across a diverse range of asset classes and geographies. A suite of flexible delivery options enables this content to address the particular workflow requirements of trading firms. The suite includes two secure Internet delivery options. Connect fuels applications via a low-cost, zero-footprint, real-time feed. Connect for Eikon powers order-management applications with real-time and reference data, alongside a Refinitiv Eikon desktop, with no onsite infrastructure and no additional liability costs for exchange fees. A unified and extensive data model also makes it easier to integrate real-time content into the relevant workflow applications.

Access to industry experts & ongoing support

Tap the expertise of Refinitiv’ business leaders and data innovators across a broad range of industry sectors to give you that extra edge. Our experts are always available to you for consultations, tips and the kind of insight that could help you take your business to the next level.

Tools that facilitate a better connection to critical information

We offer a seamless link to a formidable mix of news, data, analytics, markets, and professional networks, filtered by your precise needs and displayed on the world’s most intelligent, intuitive, and open desktop or mobile application. The result? You will discover more profitable opportunities than you ever have, and stay ahead of your rivals.

Refinitiv can also help you create a customizable dashboard that instantly alerts you to the most relevant news and events—filtered according to your specifications—to help bolster your business and ensure your ongoing success. 


Available products


Refinitiv Elektron

A suite of data and trading capabilities that power the enterprise and connect global markets.

Refinitiv Elektron is a suite of data and trading propositions, including low latency feeds along with the analytics, enterprise platform and transactional connectivity to support any workflow application.  In an increasingly interconnected global market, you need access to the broadest, deepest and most accurate market data feed to drive your decisions.  Elektron delivers real-time data from thousands of exchanges and OTC-traded markets and over 70 direct exchange feeds. It provides coverage for 40 million instruments, and offers derived financial analytics, proprietary news, evaluated pricing, reference data, tick history and third-party content.

Elektron APIs

Refinitiv Elektron APIs

How Open Source APIs can give you an edge

The Elektron API family provides an open source and easy-to-use single point of access to Refinitiv Elektron content, as well as third-party and proprietary content. From CIOs to developers, large firms to startups, these APIs will provide enterprise-wide benefits that enable your firm to be agile, innovative and cost efficient.

Improve content delivery

Simplify access to Refinitiv’ and other content, and get optimal transport for each of your applications.

Increase flexibility

The Elektron API family is built from the ground up to be open, enabling extension to third-party and proprietary content and systems.

Reduce cost

With the new simplified APIs and open-source license, every part of the process is easier, enabling your firm to bring projects to market faster and see revenue quicker. And our API family increases usability for developers of all skill sets, so it’s more economical to find resources.

Streamline support

Connect with our Refinitiv developer community of over 16,000 developers globally, and collaborate with counterparties and vendors through our development network.


Refinitiv Eikon

Better financial analysis, trading and investment decisions with unique market insight, information and news

Refinitiv Eikon is a customizable and open system that offers a powerful blend of collaboration, analysis and insight.  From Eikon Messenger, to a natural language search tool, to real-time and historical data, we have the next-generation tools and content that help give you an edge in the marketplace.  Tap into a platform that delivers natural search, mobile apps, a global messaging community and fast-breaking market alerts.  And the trading tools to reap the benefits.

Intelligent Tagging

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging

Identify the best opportunities, make your content richer, and turn big data into precise advantage

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging gives you the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to tag the people, places, facts, and events in your content to increase its value, accessibility, and interoperability. Each entity extracted receives a relevance score that accurately indicates how important that entity is to the document. In doing this, it reveals trends, patterns, gaps, and opportunities that are filtered for relevance and mapped to the right connections, thereby making your content richer, and turning big data into a more precise advantage. All of this makes content more accessible and valuable via the automatic generation of rich metadata. Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging uses natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and data-mining technologies to derive meaning from all that unstructured information out there – including research reports, news articles, blog posts, and more.

Permanent Identifier (PermID)

Refinitiv Permanent Identifier (PermID)

Data management for improved risk data aggregation and reporting.

Refinitiv Permanent Identifier (PermID) is a machine-readable identifier developed to create a unique reference for any data item. While most identifier schemas span subsets of entity types or categories, PermID provides comprehensive identification across a wide variety of entity types including organizations, instruments, funds, issuers and people. Unlike stock tickers and other such symbols, PermID never changes, helping you handle today’s complex data management challenges, eliminate mapping inconsistencies, reduce operational risk, and streamline end-to-end workflow processes across various platforms.