SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information is a leading provider of first-rate market and reference data services and solutions.  SIX aggregates data - directly and in real-time - from over 1,500 exchanges and third party sources, covering the world’s major trading venues. 

Content ranges from extensive instrument and issuer reference data to award-winning corporate actions to pricing and market data for over 12 million instruments, and is unique in terms of depth, breadth and structure. News and customized solutions complement the offering, which is used globally by financial and insurance firms, corporations and the media.

Data is delivered in a wide array of APIs, feed and file formats, with customized integration services also available. 

SIX Financial Information maintains offices in 23 countries, combining the advantages of local presence with global reach to offer a comprehensive data portfolio supported by extensive market and industry knowledge for a superior customer experience.

Available products


apiD is the perfect delivery platform to integrate a complete range of financial information and functionality into your application or to create your own unique display solution.  apiD gives you access to streaming securities prices plus a wide range of related information such as reference data, corporate actions, valuation prices, historical data, ratings and more.  You select the data you want, call the pre-defined functions (such as market summary, search or charting) you need, and connect through the technical interface that makes the most sense in your environment. The single source and standard interface helps simplify configuration and operation, and enabling rapid implementation and efficient maintenance of apiD-based applications.

Based on Java and XML industry standards, the platform is suitable for rapid deployment on Internet, intranet or mobile environments.  SIX hosts the apiD server infrastructure and offers access via HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

Customers use apiD to,

  • Support real-time and end of day analytics
  • Power internal and external display/terminal services and charting applications
  • Populate financial Websites
  • Client and internal reporting
  • Reduce the infrastructure costs associated with traditional real-time data services

Market Data Feed

The Market Data Feed from SIX Financial Information is a high performance, normalized real-time feed that provides consolidated data in one single consistent format, regardless of where in the world the data originates. We source data from approximately 1,500 global exchanges and contributors, and work tirelessly to ensure a broad coverage of global markets, which we compliment with derived and calculated figures. You can customize your service level using our logical feed feature, and you can optimize your connection through a choice of API formats.


MDFstream is optimized for high data volume. Based on a sophisticated, rapid queuing system, it has been developed for customers who require a broadcast data feed to service existing cache-based real-time services such as terminal servers, algorithmic trading applications or data distribution platforms. MDFstream supplies real-time and delayed prices, calculated and derived values as well as business news. Dedicated servers are hosted by SIX Financial Information, and can be accessed via the web or via leased lines. The system is scalable to meet your data coverage needs. Delivery is in streaming mode, based on your selection of financial instruments which also defines the necessary bandwidth.


MDFselect is particularly well suited for feeding applications which demand mid to high range data throughput, covering real-time and delayed pricing information, intraday and historical time series, lists and tables, and business news. With intelligent and easy-to-use search functionalities, you can navigate quickly and efficiently through this wealth of information. Data is delivered as streaming updates just like MDFstream but, in addition, enables you to run snapshot queries against data at the stock exchange, instrument or attribute level. Queries can be made using the exchange code and/or the listing identification, e.g. ISIN, NSIN. SIX hosts the MDFselect servers, which can either be dedicated or shared by several clients for a lower cost option for smaller deployments.

Intraday Pricing Service

SIX Financial Information’s Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) delivers detailed pricing information for the securities you have selected, in near real-time snapshots or at specified times: intraday, market close, delayed or end-of-day. We offer an extensive range of data elements for securities traded on the world’s exchanges, or quoted by third-party contributors. With IPS, you can be certain that you’ve got the most current, most accurate pricing available to support activities as diverse as creating net asset valuations, portfolio management, analysis and research, clearing and settlement, risk management and compliance.


TICKS by SIX is an expansive database of trades and quotes from the world’s most important trading venues.  Tick history is available back to June 2007, and three separate delivery platforms provide options for added value content as well as data selection and delivery options that allow clients to pinpoint the content needed, maximizing cost efficiency while minimizing onsite processing and storage investments.  

The three TICKS by SIX delivery platforms are differentiated in several important ways:

  • Unadjusted data with factors for historical and/or daily updates, with customized content, flexible output formats and compression in the SIX binary, real-time data feed format.
  • More granular content selection options down to individual instruments and individual fields, with selection of specific historical chunks that allows clients to specify month, day and time range for any request.  Delivery is available in the SIX binary format as well as in CSV files that can be output to Amazon S3 cloud or pushed directly to client FTP servers.
  • Pre-processed data selected by symbol and exchange that includes adjusted data, rollups, synthetic millisecond timestamps, calculated fields and more.  Data is available in the SIX binary format, a proprietary normalized format and client specific formats, and is accessible as files and streams via web tools, FTP and a REST API.

Corporate Actions Reporting Service

SIX Financial Information’s Corporate Actions Reports Service (“CARS”) provides advance notifications of events taking place on specific portfolios.  This allows clients to plan ahead and to cut down on the number of potentially missed announcements.  CARS provides customers with a highly flexible tool and reports can be provided in a number of different formats.  The service monitors an agreed number of event types and outputs an agreed number of data fields, ensuring that you receive only data that is relevant to your needs.  CARS is delivered to clients in a flat (csv) file and combines instrument identifiers with human-readable information.  This allows the report to be either uploaded easily into workflow systems or opened as a simple spreadsheet for manual processing.

TBII Corporate Actions and Reference Data

TBII delivers reference and corporate actions data in an intuitive, yet systematically encoded flat file.  That means rapid and secure deployment of this data into your client accounts systems and portfolio databases.  The service combines the breadth of SIX Financial Information’s near-real time reference database with the flexibility of a tried and tested system used by customers on both sides of the Atlantic and in Asia.  For rapid deployment into custody reporting and portfolio servicing systems, the service keeps you and your clients up to date with corporate actions and other events impacting global securities.

Valordata Feed

The Valordata Feed (VDF) from SIX Financial Information is the world’s most comprehensive and complete securities database. The unique structure and fully encoded data minimizes operational risk by intelligently linking all reference data to corporate actions, prices, global security identifiers, trading places and much more. 

Our far-reaching database delivers unparalleled coverage of global securities, and is supported by our network of data experts located in 23 countries.  The structure and coverage of VDF help facilitate STP, while the quality and depth of data from SIX helps you stay in regulatory and audit compliance.

Near real-time delivery is available, and SIX supports a wide variety of delivery formats and data segmentation/selection options.

Telekurs Intelligent Display (Telekurs iD)

Our all-inclusive market display Telekurs iD is ideally suited for monitoring financial markets and screening investments. You get access to our comprehensive database including reference data, market data, corporate information and business news as well as investment valuation and risk management tools. Telekurs iD is designed for securities processing agents, investment advisors, wealth managers, risk managers and asset managers alike.

Valordata Browser

The Valordata Browser is an efficient online tool which searches the SIX Financial Information database of more than 12 million financial instruments. You can quickly and easily find instruments by type, issuer, events or trading venue, using name, symbol or security identification numbers.