TradeBlock serves financial institutions with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on the potential of block chain technologies. We provide live and historical data for all aspects of the digital currency economy. At the highest level, that data is comprised of three categories:

  • Trading & Index data
  • Economy / Block Chain
  • Computational / Mining Network

For each category, TradeBlock offers live and historical raw data, as well as proprietary indices. All live data is available on a push or pull basis with uptime in excess of 99.99%.

Available products

Trading & Index Data

Digital currency trading is distributed across more than a dozen exchanges around the world. Liquidity regularly shifts between existing exchanges and new entrants. TradeBlock’s perpetual attention to the developing landscape ensures users always have access to most relevant data. Trade, order book, and volume data is available for all major exchanges (Bitfinex, Coinbase, OKCoin, itBit to name a few) in various currency pairs (USD, EUR, GBP, CNY etc.) Available data:

  • Historical trade data
  • Historical order book data
  • Consolidated live data APIs
  • Consolidated trade execution APIs

Trading & XBX Index Data

In addition, TradeBlock’s XBX index represents a real-time, USD-equivalent spot rate for bitcoin. The underlying algorithm is uniquely designed to provide a reliable reference rate by tracking global liquidity and reducing the impact of anomalies at individual exchanges.

  • Historical XBX data
  • Live XBX rates
  • Live weighting of constituent exchanges

Economy / Block Chain

Digital currency technologies (e.g. Bitcoin) are predicated on the use of a public, distributed ledger system (the Block Chain). TradeBlock’s indices make the bitcoin economy consumable, highlighting trends and outliers in the network’s transactional graph. TradeBlock can also provide real-time APIs and historical information for block chain related data.

Block chain data includes live transaction feeds, block creation rate, blocks per day, transactions / volume / data / mining fees per block, total number of bitcoin issued, market capitalization of bitcoin in USD etc.

Computational / Mining Network

Behind bitcoin’s transaction ledger is a network of transaction processors known as ‘miners.’ As more computational power is added to the network by miners, transaction security increases. TradeBlock offers the following mining related data: hash rate (computational speed), hash rate growth in the last 30 / 60 / 90 days, hash rate distribution by pool / company, and network difficulty.