Tradier’s open platform lets self-directed traders choose their own trading experience and makes it easy for developers to enhance and explore new capabilities. We’ve created a dynamic toolbox of REST-based APIs designed to empower developers to build engaging new trading experiences for investors. Our technology and competitive trading prices are designed to connect traders and developers and create a feedback loop of continued innovation.

Tradier is dedicated to helping its partners succeed. All of our APIs and data are available at no cost to the business. We also provide support throughout the entire development stage and will help launch your product to the world by offering co-marketing and incentive programs.

Available products


Execute simple and complex equity and option orders in an easy to use trading interface. Simple request payloads using form parameters, eliminating the need for complex XML.  We offer two methods to introduce trading to your customers:


Account Services

You can fetch balances, positions, activity, orders using a user or account number.

Market Data

Market data delivered in real-time through HTTP request/response. This includes equity and option quotes, chains, expirations, strikes, time and sales, historical and streaming.


We’ll work with you to engage our customers with your product and incentivize investors to check out what you offer.


Acclaimed brokerage and development support during your integration and beyond. We’re here to make you successful.