ACTIV seamlessly integrates a fully managed set of data without compromising latency.  With our technology and a data quality team, ACTIV enriches the feed in the following areas:
  • IPOs, delists, symbol changes, dividends, splits reorgs and other corporate events
  • Option expiration, new and deleted contracts, leap rollbacks and underlying linkage
  • Data corrections reporting and exception handling
  • Navigation data and chaining, reference data additions.
  • Root-level information such as contract descriptions, trading hours, deliverable terms for futures, options and future options.
The ACTIV team uses a combination of automatic text readers, file downloads and manual data entry processes to consolidate and clean the information which comes from a mixture of sources. Those sources include newswires, regional exchanges and governing bodies such as the OCC.
  • Utilize one API and one platform for ULL, enterprise and cloud use cases. 
  • Support the full spectrum of snap and streaming latency requirements from "tier 0" (single digit microsecond) applications through to delayed data with conflation support while still providing the appropriate levels of data enrichment.
  • Support the scalability requirements of the largest enterprise applications while still maintaining the aforementioned latency ranges.
  • Support new delivery / deployment architectures e.g. on-demand delivery, and public cloud deployment (AWS, Azure, GCP, …) .
  • Support for both multicast and tcp delivery to client applications.