Company Intelligence

The Company Intelligence dataset contains a robust offering of qualitative data including a time series of company auditors, competitors information, alternate and foreign language company names, key documents and filings, alternate address information, and more. The dataset can be used in conjunction with S&P Capital IQ Fundamentals or Compustat to provide additional company insight for competitive analysis.

This dataset provides:

• Short single paragraph description and long, detailed profile descriptions for companies
• All known competitors a company currently has, including the source of where the competitor was identified
• Additional company business addresses globally, including the headquarters address
• The history of financial auditors a company has used for their annual financial reports
• Alternate names a company might be commonly identified as (e.g., Hewlett-Packard Company is commonly known as HP), inclusive of all known        historical names if the company's name has changed over time
• A listing of all known current (and prior) products or services
• Granular taxonomy to gain more insights into a company's operation