Elektron APIs

Refinitiv Elektron APIs

How Open Source APIs can give you an edge

The Elektron API family provides an open source and easy-to-use single point of access to Refinitiv Elektron content, as well as third-party and proprietary content. From CIOs to developers, large firms to startups, these APIs will provide enterprise-wide benefits that enable your firm to be agile, innovative and cost efficient.

Improve content delivery

Simplify access to Refinitiv’ and other content, and get optimal transport for each of your applications.

Increase flexibility

The Elektron API family is built from the ground up to be open, enabling extension to third-party and proprietary content and systems.

Reduce cost

With the new simplified APIs and open-source license, every part of the process is easier, enabling your firm to bring projects to market faster and see revenue quicker. And our API family increases usability for developers of all skill sets, so it’s more economical to find resources.

Streamline support

Connect with our Refinitiv developer community of over 16,000 developers globally, and collaborate with counterparties and vendors through our development network.