FinRiverTM | Level the Playing Field

FinTech Sandbox gives start-ups access to FinRiver, a suite of APIs that give you full access to one of the world’s largest independent investment analytics platforms. 700+ analytical outputs on virtually all publicly traded assets globally. You are now on even ground with the big guys.

Easy APIs
With one simple API call, get virtually all the analyses you and your prospects could want - at both the portfolio and the position level - anywhere in your product you want with just a few keystrokes.

Slow = Death
We handle all the data-wrangling and portfolio calculations. You are free to focus on rapid prototyping, design, MVP and solving real consumer problems.

Totally Free. No Equity.
Get access to our APIs for up to a year for free while you build your product. We take no equity. Just promise us you are out there to help investors.