Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Stay ahead of the game with initial public offering (IPO) data. Access IPO data announcements captured at 6 stages:

 New - indicates that the IPO is complete (or in action) and the listing date is today or yesterday.

 Rumour - indicates that the company (or other respected source) has announced its intention to hold an IPO, but before the necessary approval has been made.

 Pending - indicates that the IPO is confirmed and the necessary approval has been made.

 Historical - indicates that the IPO has taken place and the listing date is more than 2 days before.

 Postponed - an IPO which has been temporarily suspended, pending a further announcement on the operation of the placement.

 Withdrawn - an IPO which has been permanently stopped due to the company's or regulatory body's decision.

Know that initial public offering/IPO data is gathered from:

 Primary sources - 150 international stock exchanges

 Secondary source including international news agencies

Choose to receive initial public offering data either online or via a FTP connection. public-offerings.php#service