Intelligent Tagging

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging

Identify the best opportunities, make your content richer, and turn big data into precise advantage

Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging gives you the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to tag the people, places, facts, and events in your content to increase its value, accessibility, and interoperability. Each entity extracted receives a relevance score that accurately indicates how important that entity is to the document. In doing this, it reveals trends, patterns, gaps, and opportunities that are filtered for relevance and mapped to the right connections, thereby making your content richer, and turning big data into a more precise advantage. All of this makes content more accessible and valuable via the automatic generation of rich metadata. Refinitiv Intelligent Tagging uses natural language processing (NLP), text analytics, and data-mining technologies to derive meaning from all that unstructured information out there – including research reports, news articles, blog posts, and more.