Moody’s Market Implied Ratings (MIR®)

Potential Users: Asset Managers, Credit Analysts, Risk Managers, Bond Traders, Underwriters
Moody's MIR platform translates prices from the CDS, bond, loan and equity markets into standard Moody's ratings language. Sandbox startups will have access to the MIR platform's entire database or a subset of the data for custom analysis via Moody's Bulk Data Downloads feature.
  • Isolate a Company's Individual Risk from General Market Trends with full integration of features
  • Detect Early Warnings of Defaults and Downgrades from Market Information
  • Set up customized Alerts to help monitor risk by informing you of changes in MIR Levels for the issuers in your MDC Portfolios 
  •  Anticipate Ratings changes by analyzing historical frequencies of Moody's ratings changes over a specified time period