Moody's Financial Metrics

Potential Users: Financial Analysts, Credit Analysts, Corporate Finance, Data Scientists, Asset Management

Moody’s Financial Metrics allows you to add depth to your credit analysis with scorecards and models for non-financial corporate, project finance, and infrastructure issuers rated by our sister company Moody's Investors Service.


  • Estimate quantitative ratings for both rated and unrated entities to serve as a “second opinion” to supplement your own credit assessment process. 
  • Moody’s Financial Metrics projection tool allows users to generate estimated quantitative ratings for a single bank and its peers by creating scenarios using scorecards with pre-populated financial data from Moody's Investors Service.
  • Moody’s Financial Metrics projection tool allows you to view historical financials and ratios and model forward-looking projections.
  • Drill-down into an issuer’s financial health using financial statement data adjusted by Moody’s analysts to reflect the underlying economics of the entity
  • Measure financial performance with over 80 ratios on every company.