Morningstar Equity Data

Morningstar® Data for global equities offers comprehensive global coverage of fundamental data that gives our clients a single source for all of their equity data needs. This data powers client solutions such as financial models, research, investment tools, software platforms, and investor websites.

Our fundamental data license includes coverage of more than 670 standard data points for all financial line items and more than 300 calculated data points, captured from the financial statements and select footnotes of more than 41,000 publicly traded companies around the world.

We monitor press releases and regulatory news sources to capture quarterly, semiannual, and annual company announcements in local markets. After we assemble the most relevant and up-to-date information about a company’s business, data is collected in industry-specific templates (such as banking, insurance, and more) to make cross-sector comparison and analysis easy.

Beyond fundamentals, our equity data includes comprehensive ownership information from more than 40,000 distinct managed-product portfolios. Clients can use our robust institutional, beneficial, and insider ownership statistics to identify up to 90% of all individual securities publicly held, compare investments, and develop accurate financial models.

With our proprietary industry statistics and categorization data, clients can view aggregate financial data by sector, segment, or industry for company-to-industry comparisons. Additionally, Morningstar Asset Classification data delivers industry, sector, and regional constituency information across a range of investment types for robust comparisons and analysis.