Morningstar Managed Products Data

Morningstar® Data for managed products is driven by Morningstar’s accurate, up-to-date investment database that has nearly 100% market coverage. The extent of this coverage in U.S. and global markets gives our clients the ability to better serve their audiences by providing focused, relevant data. And Morningstar Data maintains consistency across investment types to make direct comparisons not just possible, but easy.

Our comprehensive inventory of independent managed-products data includes portfolio, performance, and operations information. Familiar statistics and data are available for easy integration in third-party platforms to support activities that range from conducting research and financial modeling to creating investor-friendly communication materials. And because the industry is constantly evolving, we continually adapt our database in response to client needs, regulatory changes, and marketplace trends.

We monitor data quality with a rigorous collection process, Lean Six Sigma discipline, and analyst teams focused on data consistency. And we know that efficient data delivery is crucial, so we have a dedicated Morningstar team that works with each client to help ensure seamless integration and superior ongoing service.