The OpenFin OS

Imagine how efficient financial desktop users could be if they could manage their complex workspaces with ease, create and load different views for different tasks, and share information across applications that haven’t been designed to work together. OpenFin is making this world a reality. We work with the most forward-thinking banks, asset managers, and vendors, on the cutting edge of web technology, to create the future of contextually- aware financial desktop workflows.


OpenFin enables you to build multi-window desktop apps that look and feel just like native installed apps so you can maximize your desktop real estate. Your windows can sit anywhere on the desktop, with or without frames. Apps you don’t actively watch can be minimized and automatically popped up when needed. Legacy and Web apps share the same desktop side-by-side.
  • Build multi-window, multi-monitor web apps

  • Drop window frames to save space and customize look & feel
  • Tearout windows to show only the components you need
  • Let important windows stay “always-on-top”
  • Popup minimized windows on important events 


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