Equifax has numerous, differentiated offerings to help address the challenge of identifying and engaging with customers in a digital environment.  Through IXI™—our exclusive network of more than 95 leading financial institutions—Equifax enables its clients to differentiate and target consumer households and neighborhoods based on proprietary measures of wealth, income, spending capacity, credit, risk, share-of-wallet, and share-of-market.



Equifax is a leader in differentiated credit data, including both traditional and alternative credit data.  In addition to our traditional credit data on both consumers and businesses, Equifax has unique credit data sources, including the National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange (NCTUE®), containing data on telecommunications, utility, and pay TV accounts.  Equifax also has alternative credit data from the short-term lending space, through DataX.


Verifications, Fraud and Compliance

Gain confidence and know that your customers are who they say they are with data and insights that detect linkages and suspicious patterns and activity. Using these insights and customizable scoring, you can make critical decisions in real time when spotting potential fraudulent requests—often without increasing manual reviews or sacrificing customer satisfaction. Equifax helps verify and authenticate identities to help you detect and deter true name and synthetic identity fraud activity.


When it comes to verifying income and employment, Equifax offerings include The Work Number®—the nation’s largest database of instantly available employment and income information.  These records are contributed by thousands of U.S. employers—including more than 82 percent of the Fortune 500 and the majority of federal government civilian employers. The information is updated at every payroll cycle, so you always have access to the most current information possible the employer has provided



Equifax offers leading analytics capabilities for the Fintech space through Equifax Ignite™, our integrated portfolio of proprietary data and analytics solutions and capabilities that helps bring your data to life and tell its story.  There are three main components of the Equifax Ignite offering:


  • Equifax Ignite Models and Scores:  You can address specific business issues with configurable solutions created by Equifax for you.
  • Equifax Ignite Direct:  Create your own models and scores with “DIY” access to data and tools
  • Equifax Ignite Apps:  Visualize big data with a marketplace of insight-driven apps
  • Equifax Ignite for FinTech: Leverage a random sample of the majority of our assets keyed at the consumer level


Equifax is also an industry leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning—including our patented NeuroDecision® Technology credit scoring methodology—as well as trended data and other advanced analytics capabilities.