S&P Capital IQ Financials

S&P Capital IQ Financials provides global standardized financial statement data for over 150,000 companies, including over 95,000 active and inactive public companies.

S&P Capital IQ Financials allows you to extend the scope of your historical analysis and backtesting models with consistently standardized data from all filings of a company's historical financial periods including press releases, original filings, and all restatements.

S&P Capital IQ Financials includes:
• Over 5,000 standardized financial, supplemental, segment, ratio, and industry-specific data items on an annual, quarterly, semi-annual, last twelve month and year-to-date basis
• Detailed debt and equity capital structure data
• Historical annual and interim data available as far back as 1985 for certain datasets and geographies with significant coverage from 1993
• Financial instance date providing the date and time data was first delivered
• Unconsolidated data for publicly traded Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, and OTC traded Chinese entities