TransUnion Startup Credit Kit

TransUnion’s Startup Credit Kit provides you with access to depersonalized consumer credit data so you can explore the market for untapped opportunities, determine viability of your products, prove out your concept to raise funding and more.

The Planning Package

Access depersonalized solutions for early stage startups including:

  • CreditVision and CreditVision Link scores, attributes and raw data
  • TransUnion data via our partner PeerIQ’s analytic platform, Credit Insights

The Launch Package

Once your startup has launched, you’ll have access to TransUnion’s full suite of services including:

  • Fraud Prevention Exchange: Access information from other lenders, as well as available data from TransUnion’s entire network of customers, to help recognize fraudulent identities and behavior
  • IDVision Alerts: Leverage real-time, proprietary ID behavioral algorithms to pinpoint fraud and high-risk identities at originations, onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle