Universal Data

In the equity/funds arena, we set a new standard for the delivery of North American intra-day pricing, global equity pricing, currencies, reference data, dividends and corporate actions.   Covering >60,000

Global Equities, >5500 Exchange Traded Funds, FX rates > 168 currencies, ADRs, Warrants, Unit Trusts, Preferred Shares QUODD Data’s content partner provides a rich, data intensive security master file with ongoing Corporate Action and Dividend information.


In the mutual funds arena, QUODD Data has for decades served as the standard as a comprehensive source of audited data that simplifies research, minimizes processing errors, and accelerates the posting of income.

We provide U.S. mutual fund data across five data categories:  Corporate Actions, Distribution Announcements, Daily Accrual Factors, Audited NAVs, and Dividend Calendars.