Verifications and Fraud Mitigation

Gain confidence and know that customers are who they say they are with data and insights that detect linkages and suspicious patterns and activity. Using these insights and customizable scoring, businesses can make critical decisions in real time when spotting potential fraudulent requests—often without increasing manual reviews or sacrificing customer satisfaction. Equifax helps simplify the application process, improve authentication and compliance checks, and verify identities with digital, real-time solutions to help detect and deter true name and synthetic identity fraud activity.

Our customers can gain instant access to  verifications of employment and income through The Work Number®. Get third-party verifications of employment and income provided directly from employers. Equifax is the market leader in income and employment verifications via the largest commercial repository of payroll information in the United States, with more than 144,000,000 active records and over 2.5 million employers contributing data each pay cycle.