What We Offer


We offer financial data feeds and APIs for development purposes.  We have a robust set of market, banking, investment and corporate fundamentals data.  In addition, our Data Partners have accelerated approvals for FinTech Sandbox startups, allowing for a fast and streamlined licensing process.

Find our current Data Partners here.

We’re always working to add new datasets – like payments, insurance and credit  but we hope we have something that can help you today.  If not, send us a message and tell us what you need.

Security master data Real-time market data (tick level, mutli-asset class) Reference data Historical market data Fund pricing Holdings Corporate fundamentals De-identified transaction data – banking, brokerage and credit cards Estimates Benchmarks / indices Custody and clearing data Corporate actions Earnings calendars Portfolio data Macroeconomic data Machine readable news Social mediaSecurities research and ratings

Infrastructure and Platform as Service solutions

We have made available free computer infrastructure and platform service (PaaS) offerings from infrastructure partners.  Currently, we offer up to $15,000 in credits per startup to Amazon Web Services plus Business-level AWS Support up to $5,000 per startup.


As you might guess, we like FinTech!  We like to hang out with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to get stuff done and build great applications and services.  We’re also lucky to have partnered with executives from the financial services industry who think differently and embrace product development at a grassroots level.  FinTech Sandbox startups gain access to this network of potential customers, advisors and subject matter experts.

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